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RUN Command


Starts the execution of the program currently in memory.



Remarks and Examples

After typing a program into the console, or after loading a program from a file or URL, you can use the RUN command to start the program.

An alternative to entering the RUN command is selecting Run | Run in the pull-down menu.


10 INPUT "Please enter your name: ", N$
20 PRINT "Hello, "; N$; "!"
30 END
Please enter your name: Minka
Hello, Minka!

RUN can be used to start both line-numbered programs and non-line-numbered programs. (Non-line-numbered programs cannot be entered directly into the console, but can be loaded from a file or URL. See the article Line Numbers and Labels in ReadyBASIC for more details.)

To stop an executing program, use the Run | Break option in the pull-down menu.

Note: ReadyBASIC does not presently allow a line number or label to be specified after the RUN statement (e.g. RUN 200) to begin execution at a point other than at the beginning of the program. This feature will be added in a later version.

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