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CIRCLE Command


Draws the outline of a circle on the screen using the current graphics pen color.


CIRCLE x coordinate of center, y coordinate of center, radius

Remarks and Examples

The CIRCLE command will draw an unfilled circle on the screen. The center of the circle will be at the (x, y) coordinates specified, and the size of the circle will depend on the radius value provided.

The circle will be drawn using the current graphics pen color. The graphics pen color can be changed using the PENCOLOR command.


100 REM Draw three big green circles at the center of the screen: 
110 CLS
120 PENCOLOR 0, 255, 0
130 CIRCLE 319, 212, 160
140 CIRCLE 319, 212, 170
150 CIRCLE 319, 212, 180
160 PRINT "Press any key..." : X$ = GETCHAR$

See also: PENCOLOR, Overview of Graphics Programming in ReadyBASIC

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